Copper Nickel Alloys


Copper Nickel or Cupro-Nickel Alloys cover a range of quite similar materials. Generally their medium resistivity and low temperature coefficient of resistance make these alloys ideal for control resistors and thermocouples. Additives to the alloys are introduced to improve specific characteristics. The most popular of the copper nickel alloys are introduced below.

Hecnum (CuNi44)


Hecnum (a registered Trademark of Omega Resistance Wire) or CuNi44 is a Copper Nickel alloy containing Nickel, Manganese and balance Copper. Its medium resistivity combined with its low temperature coefficient of resistance makes it ideal for control resistors. It is suitable for low temperature heating elements up to a maximum of 400 °C. Due to its high EMF against copper it is suitable for use in thermocouples and thermocouple extension or compensating leads.

Hecnum can be supplied with an oxidised or enamelled insulation.

Copper Nickel 23

copper-nickel-23Copper Nickel 23 or CuNi23Mn is a copper nickel alloy with the addition of Manganese to produce an alloy with a relatively low resistivity but high resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion. Maximum working temperature is 500 °C. Applications include heating cords and mats.

Copper Nickel 6

copper-nickel-6Copper Nickel 6 or Alloy 60 is characterised by low resistivity, with a medium resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion. The maximum working temperature is 300 °C. This material is used in heating cables and in electrical welded fittings.