ICA Alloys


These alloys are not actually nickel alloys, but have electrical resistance properties similar to those of the nickel chrome alloys. These are ferromagnetic alloys that are used in electrical heating elements and, by virtue of having no nickel, are generally cheaper than a nickel chrome alloy. They can operate at high temperatures, but suffer from higher corrosion than nickel chrome alloys. Additionally, at high temperatures the ICA Alloys tend to creep and become embrittled. Hence care must be taken to adequately support elements made from these alloy types.

ICA 135 Alloy


ICA 135 Alloy or Iron Chrome Aluminium 135 Alloy is a ferromagnetic alloy which can be used as electrical heating elements up to 1300 °C. The addition of additives and the accuracy of material preparation ensure that its disadvantages compared to the nickel chrome alloys are reduced. ICA 135 should only operate in a dry environment in order to avoid corrosion.

ICA 145 Alloy

ica-145-alloyICA 145 Alloy or Iron Chrome Aluminium 145 Alloy is a ferromagnetic alloy, which can be used as heating elements up to the very high temperature of 1350 °C. This makes it particularly useful for the heating elements of industrial furnaces.