Nickel Iron Alloys


Nickel Iron Alloys are also known as Glass Sealing Alloys due to their primary application. These are alloys of Nickel and balance Iron, with additions to affect particular properties. In all of these alloys, the key property is the coefficient of expansion that is approximately equal to that of glass – hence the application as a glass sealing material.

Alloy 42


Alloy 42 or Nilo 42 alloy has a fairly low and constant expansion factor up to 300 °C, which enables its use in high temperature thermostats, such as for gas and electric stoves.

Alloy 48

alloy-48Alloy 48 or Nilo 48 Alloy has a coefficient of expansion approximately equal to that of soft glasses of the soda-lime and lead-oxide types. For this reason their application covers a very wide field in the manufacture of electric lamps and electronic equipment.

Alloy 52

alloy-52Alloy 52 or Nilo 52 Alloy is particularly suitable for soft glasses, and has its most important application in reed switches and in electronic transistor components. Due to its low dispersion it can be used for high frequency relays.

NiFeCo 29/18

nifeco-29/18Also known as Nilo K or Kovar, this 29% nickel-iron alloy, modified by the addition of 17% cobalt has a very low coefficient of expansion, matching very closely the medium hard boro-silicate glasses. It is widely used in the manufacture of high power radio transmission, X-ray tubes and many types of electronic equipment. In addition it is suitable for use with ceramic materials for creating seals.