Omega Resistance Wire has a full range of capability as a high quality resistance wire and tape manufacturer and service centre.

Our employees possess an enviable combination of many years wire processing experience coupled with engineering and metallurgical technical expertise. These strengths allied to the company policy of continuous investment in quality processing equipment, ensures that the highest quality wire is produced to meet the most stringent of customers’ requirements.

We endeavour to meet every customer’s specific product requirements, and to this end have developed an extensive range of production equipment, which includes; wire drawing and annealing; wire rolling into tape or ribbon; shearing of coil into strip; straightening and cut-to-length; wire spooling and coiling; wire polishing and cleaning and wire rope stranding.

Wire drawing/annealing


Omega Resistance Wire’s range of wire drawing machines enables wire to be drawn in diameters from 0.10mm up to 10.00mm. Wire is drawn in a variety of materials including the nickel chrome alloys, nickel copper alloys and stainless steels. A high quality, diamond drawn finish is standard.

Tape and Strip


Omega Resistance Wire has substantial capability in producing resistance tape or ribbon, rolled flat wire and precision sheared strip. Products are generally manufactured to a specified resistance but can be produced to tight dimensional tolerances.

Stranding and bunching


We operate a range of tubular stranding equipment capable of producing stranded wire ropes in nickel chrome alloys, nickel copper alloys, nickel and stainless steel. Strand can be manufactured to resistance and set spool lengths, or cut lengths as required.

Cut to length wire


Omega Resistance Wire has a comprehensive range of straighten and cut to length machines. Our capability extends from very fine wires to large diameter, and flat wires, stranded wires and strip products. A particular expertise is the straightening and cutting to length of very fine wires to strict dimensional tolerances and surface finish.

Rewinding and Spooling


Wire can be supplied in coils of specified dimensions and weights. Additionally, we can supply the wire on spools (high strength thermoplastic bobbins) that are available in a range of standard sizes and weights.