Tape and Strip


Omega Resistance Wire has substantial capability in producing resistance tape or ribbon, flat wire and strip. All products can be manufactured either to specified resistance or dimension.

Omega has five rolling mills, equipped with edge-rolling and laser gauging, to ensure exact measurements. The standard finish is round edge tape and flat wire, but squared edges can be produced as required.

We have a variety of strip processing equipment – strip slitting or shearing lines, edge processing, cut to length and traverse winding spooling machines.

Tape can be produced in thicknesses from 0.05mm up to 1.00mm and from 0.20mm wide to 5.0mm.

Flat wire can be rolled up to 10.00mm wide and 4.00mm thick, depending on the temper of the material.

Strip can be sheared from 0.025mm thick up to 6.50mm, and widths from 0.65mm to 1100mm.